Federation Book Club: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

All but one of us were delighted with reading The Rosie Project, particularly after all the emotionally gripping books we’ve recently covered. We agreed that Graeme Simsion successfully showed a humorous side of sufferers from high-level autism spectrum. The strong voice of Don Tillman, the narrator, evokes humor, pathos, and an unusual method of self-reflection. He knows himself well, but clearly has issues such as social dysfunction and a lack of empathy—among others. While his OCD habits provide a form of comfort, they also hilariously precipitate some disasters. Don’s attitudes toward women (for instance, his “wife project”—involving a personalized questionnaire that would put match-up sites to shame) make perfect sense to him. His foibles and “catastrophes,” such as “the jacket incident,” follow Tillman around while the comedic build-up to every punchline works at a level of which even Jerry Seinfeld would approve.

 As far as character development, our group didn’t feel it as strongly for Rosie as we did for Don Tillman, but perhaps that will change with the sequels. Most plot points were neatly tied up, but one or two left us confused. Even so, the novel felt like just what we needed to give us a break from some of the heavier topics of late.

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Beth Buechler

Community Contributor


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