Visions & Voices: A Day of Learning

Visions and Voices a 2021 campaign event

A Community Day of Learning

Creating our envisioned future is the major driver behind Vision & Voices, a virtual 2021 Campaign event that offers a conversation with extraordinary community builders. Vision & Voices will be one of a series of community events to help us reach our 2021 Campaign goal, we are at 90% to goal. Our Vision & Voices pledge drive will remain open through the end of the week.

If you enjoyed the content from our Visions & Voices day of learning please consider making a donation to our 2021 campaign. Your pledge is not due until December 31!


Morning Wellness

Asking the Big Question: A Rabbinic Panel

Musical Lunch

Dr. Claire Sufrin: What have we learned about community building in the last 40 years?

Call 574-233-1164 if you are interested in purchasing Dr. Sufrin's Book, The New Jewish Canon, the Federation is recieving 'a discount.

Dr. Amal Elsana Alh’jooj Building Community: Lessons from a grass-roots community organizer.

Thanks to all who placed a donation or pledge during our Visions & Voices Spring campaign drive. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Amy Richman
Debby Puplis  
Naomi Tainsky  
Vladimir Luban  
Andrew & Cynthia Burch 
Audrey & Dave Rose  
Aviva & Ian Wulfsohn    
Barbara Fizdale  
Ben & Francie Davis  
Ben & Maria Finan  
Beth Buecher  
Bonny Hoover  
Byra Warner & Gary Horvath
Celene Potyseman 
David & Alicia Nelson
David & Elain Kirschenbaum
Diane Pontius  
Diane Rapaport  
Edward & Judith Kahal  
Elli & Paul Price 
Elsa Littman  
Emiliya Luban 
Friedland Fagen family
Hugh Metzger  
Ilana & Mike Kirsch

Jack Sherman
Jody & Michael Freid  
Jonathan & Jenny Lutz
Judith Heumann  
Judy Katz  
Karen Companez & Howard Steinberger 
Karen Dwyer
Karen Riffer-Reinert
Linda & Mark Toth
Lou & Shoshana Klatch
Marsha Brook
Mary Fisher  
Mina Gardner & Wayne Gleiber  
Natalie Klein  
Nathan & Laurie Radin    
Paul Klein 
Paula & Tony Kupferer
Pinky Raab  
Ruth Kremer  
Sally Schreiber
Stephen & Barbara Fredman  
Steve & Sarah Lotter
Susan Blum & Lionel Jensen 
Tatyana Sukhotinskaya
Todd Hoover  
Tzvi & Rachel Novick


We would love to hear your feedback on our Vision & Voices campaign event. An event Survey can be found here.

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