Holocaust Education

The Jewish Federation is dedicated to continued education and understanding of the Holocaust, the systematic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. The CRC works in conjunction with our programming department to provide resources and context as well as programming designed to offer a variety of methods for beginning and continuing conversations about the Holocaust and how we can work towards ensuring that it is not forgotten or repeated.

For more information on Holocaust Education visit our Yom HaShoah & Holocaust Education Page

Israel Relations

The CRC advocates for Israel by providing educational programming, responding to anti-Israel sentiment with outreach and engagement, and building and enhancing a strong network of pro-Israel individuals. The goal of the CRC is to foster a constructive dialogue regarding the ever-changing situation in Israel, both within the Jewish, and wider Michiana community.

You can learn more about our Israel programming by visiting our Israeli Events Page


The CRC provides resources to educate and confront anti-Semitism in a productive and impactful manner. In addition to using Holocaust and Israel education to preemptively combat misinformation and stereotypes related to the culture and history of the Jewish community, the Jewish Federation offers assistance in the event of local incidents of anti-Semitism as well as cultural conflict. The Federation and CRC have experience dealing with issues such as:

  • Anti-Semitic focused bullying in schools and universities
  • Lack of separation of church and state in public institutions
  • Working with individuals who are being denied accommodations for religious observances in public institutions, such as educational settings
  • Institutional or governmental misinformation in relation to Jewish identity and issues, such as in educational curriculum
  • Helping connect our community with representatives from the Anti-Defamation League for additional support and access to educational tools

Interfaith Programming

Although the Jewish Federation’s focus is often within the Jewish community, interfaith dialogue and programming is a large portion of the CRC’s focus. In addition to educating the non-Jewish community regarding the Jewish experience and culture, we seek to build strong and diverse relations with the belief that the Michiana community is improved by the diversity and mutual respect of all its residents. In addition to hosting interfaith programming, the Jewish Federation and CRC are proud to have sponsored many multi-faith programs in our community.

Programs we have hosted and supported include:

  • Hate Crimes 101: A presentation by the Anti-Defamation League
  • A presentation by The Multi-faith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, sponsored by multiple local agencies and organizations
  • Hosting the program Getting to Know Your Neighbors: The Sikh Community of St. Joseph Valley
  • Cosponsoring a local Interfaith Prayer Service in Support of Migrants, Immigrants, and Refugees
  • Initiated outreach to the local Iraqi Refugee community to aid in their social integration.

For more information on our Community Relations Committee or how to become active in its mission

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If you would like to speak to someone about an issue or incident you believe the CRC may be able to assist with, please contact either Ben Davis  or Bob Feferman.  You can also call the Jewish Federation at 574-233-1164 x1802 for assistance.


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