Partnership2Gether Opportunities

Our Partnership2Gether region, the Western Galilee Consortium, offers a variety of missions and programs for members of our community. For more information on the Partnership2Gether program, click here or visit their website by going here.

June 15-25, 2020

Jewish Journey to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest

Jewish Federations of Louisville, Indianapolis and the Consortium are offering a pre-summit visit to Prague and Vienna to be followed by the Partnership2gether Pre-Tour and Summit.

To learn more about this exciting once in a lifetime opportunity, click


Leadership Opportunities

The Jewish Federation prides itself on helping identify and support opportunities available for leadership development. Through conferences and travel opportunities, our goal is to help our members become the leaders of our community and the foundations of a healthy and vibrant Jewish community.

Jewish Federations of North America's General Assembly

The Jewish Federations of North America welcomes volunteers and leadership of Jewish Federations and their partners to join them annually at their General Assembly. With a focus on the impact Federations and their philanthropic partners can make on Jewish communities globally, this event is the premier annual gathering of thousands of Jewish changemakers.



Jewish Federations of North America Leadership Mission

The Jewish Federations of North America partners with their affiliates, including the Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley, to offer leadership opportunities including focused missions and retreats that provide a chance to see firsthand the impact Jewish Federations make, and learn how to communicate that to our communities, while adapting to their changing needs.

For more information on JFNA missions, visit their website at Jewishfederations.org

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