TBE: Elections matter! Does your vote count?

Sunday, August 19, 2018 - 10:30am

Elections matter! Does your vote count? 
Does your vote count as much as anyone else’s in Indiana? If you think it does, consider for a moment that Indiana voted approximately 56%-37% Republican/Democrat in the last election, but only 2 out of 9 congressional seats (22%) are held by Democrats. It’s even more lopsided in the Indiana Statehouse, where one party controls 70% of the seats in the House and 80% in the Senate!. 
This disproportionate situation is the result of gerrymandering, a practice utilized by both parties when drawing legislative election districts. Proponents of redistricting are trying to take the drawing of district lines out of politics and into the hands of an impartial commission. The 2019 Indiana General Assembly will again consider legislation related to redistricting. 
Please join us Sunday, August 19 at 10:30am at Temple when Lisa Plencner from the League of Women Voters will talk about legislative apportionment and redistricting. Redistricting doesn’t sound sexy, but now is the time to establish a nonpartisan mechanism to redraw fair election lines which would take effect after the 2020 census. Come early for coffee and bagels at 9:30. Everyone is welcome to attend. 
Lisa is past president of both LWV South Bend Area and LWV Indiana. She has conducted a number of talks on the issue and delivered League testimony in support of reform at the Indiana State House. 

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